With a variety of products, including strength, durability and elegance. Aluminum is the answer. Customers in the construction of residential buildings, office buildings and other projects, such as window frames and door jamb kit shading Railing and more customers want.

In addition to aluminum products used in the interior. Brow Edge tile cornice molding, etc. to support. Customer requirements We can produce according to customers.




Heat Sink is used in the cooling of electronic components and electrical equipment, whether it is air-conditioning, microwave, refrigerator, stereo, the company Tara Gold Metal Co. has been trusted by leading customers. in the country and abroad, such as SHARP, Panasonic, TOSHIBA, CARRIER, HITACHI, SAMSUNG, MITSUBISHT, HAIER.



The highlight of the aluminum section line is strong. And can do a variety of formats Sophisticated Used to produce a piece of furniture components such as cabinet handles, table clothes rack in a closet, which was accepted by the customers both domestic and abroad. The exports mainly to Japan.



To meet the needs of diverse customers in the industrial production of Tara Gold Metal Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing the components of motorcycle handlebars like a motorcycle. Catcher disc brakes And medical devices such as IV poles, rods, etc. The products of the company will adhere to the quality of the product and the needs of the customer is important.


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Tharathong  Metal


           The business of manufacturing aluminum line with the aim to produce aluminum line with international standards to Thailand. There can be competitive on the global stage, which has a capacity to produce aluminum strips to customers. Meets the requirements and comprehensive as rolling mill line coating and painting plant, with a production capacity of 12,000 tons per year.


       Aluminum is a soft, silvery white metal. It is the most abundant metal in the earth's crust. Aluminium Bauxite is found in combination with oxygen and other elements, and converted into metal. In the commercial and industrial term "aluminum" is usually understood to mean alloys. Aluminum rather than pure metal.


          Addition of alloying elements to modify the properties and characteristics of aluminum. Such as conductivity Thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, capable of forming a strong and resistant to corrosion. Affected by combining elements mixed with aluminum, all the ingredients are in aluminum.


          Aluminum is unique. Recyclable and can be recycled forever. That makes aluminum friendly. environment Industrial aluminum encompasses the following: ability, casting, extrusion, foil, sheet, refined, sheets, scrap and smelting business cycle and innovation activities of each group to influence other groups in terms of cost and availability. Material Penn Aluminum involved in aluminum extrusions.


Design principles and features aluminum are as follows:.


- Lightweight - approximately one-third of copper or steel.

- Toughness - high tensile strength of 90,000 PSI - neighboring steel.

- Efficiency - the ratio of strength to weight.

- Corrosion resistant - does not rust.

- Flexible - can be collapsed by the time pressure. And springs back to the same.

- Non-toxic - easy to clean and do not absorb bacteria.

- Light - heat and light.

- Conductor - but conductive than copper equal weight; By volume is 62% IACS

- Non-magnetic - can not be magnet or magnet.

- Toughness - not vulnerable to cold.

- No sparks - sparks are not caused by the current emissions.

- Fire - will not ignite or burn.

- No pollution - no emissions harmful when exposed to high heat.

- Recycling - can be melted and molded again without losing quality.

- Durable - capable of fighting for wear or break.

- Seamless - can be rolled into shape without a point or joints to leak.

- Interesting - look good by nature.

- Versatile - can be bonded, welding, brazing, soldering, or tied together.

- Flexibility - led to a wide range of skin types.

- To equipment - can be cut, drilled and tapped bending.

- Applicable to metal in general - all known metal working process can be used.

- Weakness - can probably be stated values.

- Durability - quality metal.



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