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We offer powder coating (paint) colors the customer.
The wrapping of aluminum by spraying or coating the aluminum normally used as a decoration, but it can also prevent corrosion. It can withstand temperatures as insulation.
Spraying piece aluminum can be done a few ways. Use a spray gun using common components that are widely used and easily adjusted. Spraying is done in pieces. Spray booths from two directions so that the paint throughout the piece. But it can be done using a spray gun, automatic quality control to stabilize. The loss of color The surface of a tie
Spraying mainly to electrostatic discharge aluminum. And a spray gun to a piece of aluminum. To the charge The opposite color to hold the workpiece. This technique ensures that the paint will stick to work well. The jets Automatically make more efficient and affordable. It is widely used.

In response to market demand, designers and project owners. We have been entrusted. With spray paint. Received a guarantee Four floors of the like Toa, JoTun 10-30 year warranty color inside and out.

1. How the color sample plate with the naked eye.

2. rag moistened wipes MEK at about 30 times the workpiece by rubbing the paint is not peeling followed.

3. The gauge film thickness of 60 microns or more and must be measured according to the specification of the polish color.

4. Cut Hindustani at the end of the workpiece. Then adhesive tape and pull the block by the colors are not as peeling tape. It works through