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Anodizing creates a hard surface, including better protection against wear and beautiful skin.
Anodizing is an electrochemical process that generally artificially thicken naturally transparent film of aluminum oxide onto. The surface of the aluminum. During the procedure, the details of aluminum immersed in an electric current is passed through the Aluminum. And aluminum serves as the positive electrode in a circuit.

Anodizing is a nature film before, but after 0.2 micron Anodizing film thickness from 5 microns to 25 microns, depending on the desired use. The general requirements of 10-15 micron film Anodizing. Can do many colors In Thailand, a natural light brown NA 512, 514, 517, dark brown and black 519.

The anodized aluminum modern skin aluminum is durable and add beauty by controlling the production standards and the expertise of the colors, such as silver. brown and black

Workflow (Anodized).

1. Check the surface before installation.

2. The next task is divided into three categories.
2.1 stick with a wire used for the next job is small.
2.2 equipped with a jig pegs used for the highlight color plated.
2.3 equipped with the plastic used for the large caps falling.

3. bringing down the frozen pond degreasing.

4. caustic soda, specimens were immersed for etching the surface.

5. work out well for caustic soda to remove stains from the surface milling.

6. dampened in water treatment takes about 20 minutes for each treatment.

The process of monitoring after treatment (Anodized).

1. Match colors to the workpiece surface with the naked eye.

2. Measure the thickness of the film before its release.