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an aluminium extrusion company that creates a platform for those who would like to integrate production with global standards.


         Tharathong Metal Co., Ltd. in the beginning, came about in response to the need for the demanding Thai aluminium market. So, after rigorous planning and research the company was established and marked up with 1,000,000 TH Baht as a capital investment in the year 2009. Our factory then began to rise as for its construction on the year 2010 and started up its annual production of 3,600 tons of industrial aluminium alloy profile in the year 2011.


          On the latter year, Thailand was struck by a great flood and so the factory, more often it is labeled as the lowest point in the production process. A sunny year later, it became an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified company (2012).

           As it became a rising and commendable company, it continues to make extensions to meet the supply and demands in Thailand’s growing economy. From the year 2013, it went full thrust on powder coating operation, as an addition to our product lines.

          While the company is booming, other significant Certification such as TIS 284-2530, ISO 9001 2008 (2012), ISO 14001: 2004 (on-going) is also secured as to follow the rule and by-laws in Thailand.

           Up to the present, the company is now producing 12,000 tons of aluminium alloy profiles annually and has significantly spiraled its annual income up to 100,000,000 Thai Baht.

          In the near future, the company is citing to expand new factory for new extrusion lines and powder coating lines to meet the strong and developing economy of Thailand and the ASEAN Community.


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